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Past & Present Members



An elven ranger who is good with a bow and better with his mouth.



A Dwarven barbarian who is good with his hammer, better with his axe, and best when he is drunk, running from the authorities, bribing the authorities, causing general mayhem, death and destruction, and / or becoming the clumsiest being in Cauldron. He's already died once; when will it happen again?



A human cleric of Pelor who believes that healing friends and killing enemies bring glory to his god.



A human warrior/rogue who slowly wields twin blades, slowly makes his way to battles, and slowly makes decisions as to what he will do in a battle.



A 1/2 elven 1/2 everything else spellcaster who can't really do anything except cast spells. :-)


Slim Shady

Not a bard, but a Dwarven Rogue who would sell his own grandmother for another chance at being dextrous.



An elven duskblade who can take on three earth elemental creatures all by herself in a sealed room without breaking a sweat. Also, killer of bronw mold. :-)



A human warrior who dual wields twin battle axes and who also wields other people's stuff (he thinks he's a rogue).



He is the terror that flaps in the night.

He is the bubblegum that sticks in your hair.

He is the termite that devours your floorboards.

He is . . . Uriel. :-)

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