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People in and around Cauldron



  • Lord Mayor Severen Navalant (human male)- elected high official for the city of Cauldron; your group has done some freelance work for him in the past.


  • Captain Skell (Terseon Skellerang) (human male) - Captain of the Town Guard; Slim Shady knows him well


  • Jenya Urikas (human female) - Full High Priestess for the temple of St. Cuthbert (since the death of High Priest Sarcem)


  • Ruphus (human male) - Acolyte of St. Cuthbert; your group saved him from a beating at the hands of three guards


  • Three Guards (human males) - had painted faces and were beating up Ruphus when your group interrupted them; recognized as town guards by Slim Shady; two died, one is now in the custody of Captain Skell (his name is Drand)


  • Keygan Ghelve (gnomish male) - master locksmith, owner of Ghelve's Locks; currently tied up at the entrance of the gnomish underground city


  • Gretchen (female gnome) - headmistress of the Lantern Street Orphanage


  • Patch (male half-orc) - janitor for the Lantern Street Orphanage


  • Two Mysterious Half-Elves (male) - they were asking Gretchen questions the day after the town guard questioned her (which was the day after the four children were reported missing)


  • Mysterious Person - seen only by Uriel hanging on the wall and then vanishing once the three guards were killed/subdued; seen next to the beholder that spirited away one of the missing children; believed the have led the raid on the Lucky Monkey Inn


  • Sarcem Delasharn (human male) - Dead ex-high priest of St. Cuthbert; with his passing, Jenya is now the full high priestess for the temple of St. Cuthbert in Cauldron.


  • Shensen Tesseril (half-drow female) - Bard/Druid/Monk; ex-caretaker of the Shrine to Fharlanghn at the Lucky Monkey Inn


  • Tongueater (male half-orc werebaboon) - Currently dominated by Nedjee; left as leader of the Lucky Monkey Inn raid



People from Rendrick Township

  • Samuel Renault (human male) - Mayor of Rendrick Township; younger cousin to Lord Mayor Severen (on his Father's side)


  • Gorik (human male) - wandering bard


  • Tamris Quickthorn (male half-elf) - Druid/Ranger protector of the woods between Cauldron and Rendrick Township; friend to Gale & Rain (female & male wolves)


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