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Session II



Phase I

The team decided to approach Ghelve's locks after listening to a prophecy and some additional detective work at the orphange directed them there. They met Lestat, a 1/2 elven, 1/2 gendered 1/2 sorcerer/1/2 wizard who was talking to Ghelve. Uriel convinced Ghelve to check out some broken locks at his dojo, while Slim and Tiera checked the place out.


A secret door was discovered under the stairway to the second floor, where a hairless blue humanoid attacked. Slim left, leaving Tiera as the lookout.


Meanwhile, Ghelve and D'war were having a discussion, Ghelve using his magic and his feet, D'war using his grunting and his weapons. D'war was arrested, and Ghelve "went to go look for the authorities." A plan was hatched to infiltrate Ghelve's place of business at Midnight.


Phase II

The team left for Ghelve's at midnight. Alias and Slim were going to enter through the topmost access point - the chimeny. All went well until Slim actually entered the access point, at which point the alarm went off. D'war, startled out of his deep thoughts by the alarm, immediately attacked the nearest cause of the alarm - the door. Though the door fought back valiantly, D'war won, and he and the rest of his teammates entered the building (or so he thought - said teammates were nowhere to be found). D'war did meet Ghelve again, but this time resisted his spells and convinced him that going unconcsious was the better part of valor.


After some hurried discussion the team went back to Ghelve's, took the unconscious gnome with them, and descended into the black pits of hell.



Session III

The team learned that gnomish letters can hurt, that ninja's and rogues sometimes lie about their ability to find and disable traps, that traps sometimes hurt very much, and that swimming in chain mail (or while being dragged down into the murly depth of a pool by two hairless blue humanoids) doesn't really work. They also learned that 200 gp weigh about 10 pounds, that rhino's are bad things to put into pools of water, that clumsy dwarves sometimes find good treasure, that some traps should better be left alone, that gnome king illusions don't talk, that impressive columns of light can be constructed with very low-level spells, and that when in doubt it's better to crawl across the ceiling or climb 5' walls.



Session IV (01/03/07)

The team this time consisted of Uriel, D'war, Slim & Tyndle, a new member. They continued exploring the gnomish ruins underneath Ghelve's store. After initially turning on each other (20 pouches filled with gold will do that to you), they regrouped when D'war almost died fighting four giant centipedes. They intrepidly continued on, braving a fight with four mysterious ninja-like creatures who dissolved into smoke when killed. They went top-side for some rest, only to have D'war diplomaticaly silence an old woman who lived near the Dojo. D'war and Slim recovered from their curses thanks to Jenya (who was charmed by Uriels' charming ways) who worked her mojo for a small 1,500 gp contribution to her temple.


The team is currently about 1/2 way through exploring, and they're wondering . . . how long will this take!


Session V (01/20/07)

The team this time consisted of Uriel, D'war, Slim, Tyndle, Alias, Tiera and a new member. Everyone seemed to work together a bit more, and they took on their fair share of creatures, including a disguised vampire, invisible spellcasters, hobgoblins, a giant ogre, flesh-eating statues, and giant beetles. The exploration continued into a deeper level built of dwarven-worked malachite. The session finished with the team about to burst into the room believed to hold the missing children. Only time will tell if anyone survives . . .



Session VI & VII (February & March 07)

The team finally found the missing children. After a climactic battle with a half-dwarf of some sort, a spine-throwing dog-creature, and a big gobliny-looking creature, they attended to the task of rescuing some children and older people. Just as they were about to finish up a mysterious spherical creature appeared and took custody of one of the missing children. An invisible woman with red hair and armor helped in stealing the abducted child. Once the people were returned, the missing child was found to already be back at the orphanage.


After a few weeks of down time, Jenya summoned the team to the temple of St. Cuthbert. She had just received an urgent message from the current high priest who was in some sort of trouble at the Lucky Monkey Inn. She was concerned as to the content of his message and for his safety, but she was also concerned about the upcoming flood season - the high priest had gone to the distant capitol city to see about purchasing some more wands, just in case this rainy season was like rainy seasons of old (where the crater lake would flood the whole first ring of Cauldron). The team was sent off with some potions of Cure Moderate Wounds, some horses, and a promise of a reward if they brought the high priest back safely.


When the team arrived at the inn they found a pile of bodies being eaten by a wierd looking creature. After trying to capture the creature they had to engage it in batttle, discovering that the creature could emit acid from its body. Another creature joined the fray, and both of them were summarily dispatched. The team then went about exploring the ruined inn. A run in with a few hired toughs led to a prolonged battle that raged throughout the first floor. They met the leader of the group, a humanoid-looking baboon who stood 6' tall. The leader was charmed by the resident 1/2 vampire which finally ended the long battle.


The baboon leader showed them the head of the high priest, then led them downstairs to where the rest of the body was laid. This lead to another long protracted battle, this time with a frozen door. Once the door was . . . ahem . . . killed, the team met a hlaf-drow elf named Shensen, the priest in charge of the Lucky Monkey Fharlanghn shrine. She had holed up in the well room and used the brown mold that kept the cellar cool to create a hazardous trap for anyone trying to harm her. She was half dead when found, but was nursed back to health.


As the team made its way back to Cauldron, the sky opened and poured down its first rain of the flood season. A rain that seemed . . . ominously strong.




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