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Places in and around Cauldron


Ghelve's Locks

Found on South-West Magma Ave., Ghelve's sells locks and keys to most of th eresidents of Cauldron.


Gnomish Underground City

The current team has discovered a secret passageway uner Ghelve's locks that leads to an ancient gnomish city. They are currently exploring this area.


The Tipped Tankard Inn

Beer, meat, bread and other consumables make up the main fare at this popular bar and grill.


The Barracks/Jail

Popular with the current band of adventurers.


Lantern Street Orphanage

Home to orphans from around Cauldron, it relies on the charity of local churches and individuals to take care of its young wards.


Church of St. Cuthbert

The place that started it all - holds an enchanted mace that can contact a god for cryptic answers to pressing questions.


Rendrick Township

A small town SE of Cauldron, situated on the banks of the Arlos River. Tiera & Dwar took care of a small wolf problem here before the beginning of the current campaign.


The Lucky Monkey Inn

An inn about a day West of Cauldron; currently ownerless, the team is thinking of taking ownership for reasons unknown. They stopped a group of thieves and animals who slaughtered the people who worked there.

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