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The divination riddle that Jenya (cleric of St. Cuthbert) shared with the heroes at the beginning of the adventure.



The locks are key to finding them.

Look beyond the curtain, below the cauldron.,

But beware the doors with teeth.

Descend into the malachite 'hold,

Where precious life is bought with gold.

Half a dwarf binds them, but not for long.






Rumors you have collectively heard.


  1. A cloaked figure colided with a woman on the strets of Cauldron late at night. The cloaked figure had a ghostly face and haunting blue eyes.
  2. A sect of halfling rogues are responsible for the recent kidnappings.
  3. Strange currency has turned up in caludron - gold pieces minted with a jester's head on each side. The authorities are trying to figure out who is doing it. There is a reward of 10 gp for information leading to the arrest, or 100 gp for bringing in the people responsible.
  4. A tentacled beast lurks in the cold depths of the lake.
  5. Evil cultists are kidnapping people and sacrificing them to an evil god with two heads and tentacles for arms.
  6. A magical disease is causing people in the city to vanish; this same disease wiped out the gnomes of Jzadirune 75 years ago.
  7. Keygan Ghelve is one of the finest locksmiths in the world. Only a very skilled rogue or wizard could bypass one of his locks without the proper key.
  8. One of the missing women volunteered at the Lantern Street Orphanage.
  9. Two of the missing men would frequently drink together at the Tipped Tankard.



New Rumors for his chapter of the story:


  1. The Flood Festival is a front, founded years ago by a cult of Hextor to fund a secret army of bloodthirsty mercenaries hidden in caverns below the city.
  2. Something's been riling up wild animals in the area for the last several months; in particular, the lowland baboons seem to have become particularly hostile lately.
  3. Alec Tercival, a paladin of St. Cuthbert, has been out of town for several days; he travelled to teh village of Redgorge to take care of a woman who was possessed by a demon.
  4. Hookface the dragon was spotted flying over the hills to the north by some adventurers.
  5. Someone saw a mysterious woman down by the lakeshore a few days ago. She had fiery red hair and wore some sort of bulky armor under a black hood. She was talking to some shady looking individuals and handing them mone and weapons.
  6. An evil aquatic druid from the Underdark has taken up residence in the lake, and it's planning on casting spells to lure people into the water and transform them into monsters.
  7. Cauldron's not the first city to be built on this site. Stories are told of a ruined city in the caverns below, a city built by strange aquatic creatures.
  8. The churches have lost the wand of water control needed to control the flood. There's nothing to hold the water back!


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