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I'll be placing info you can work on for extra experience points. This homework will be due before we start playing! (So you can email me before the game or hand it to me before 2 pm on November 11.)


Answer the following questions about your family:

  1. What are/were the character's parent(s) or guardian like?
  2. Does the character have any siblings?
  3. Does the character have a family of their own, or did they?
  4. Do they ever intend to settle down if they don't?
  5. What about other relatives - are any alive, and if so, where;also, are/were any memorable for any reasons?
  6. What is the current status of any of the character's relatives, i.e. alive, dead, missing, estranged, ill, enslaved, imprisoned, divorced, etc.?
  7. Are there any skeletons in the family closet?


That was the old homework (which no one did!). This is the new homework (you can still earn xp for each one).

  1. Why did the character enter the profession they did?
  2. How did the character receive their training?
  3. Did they find any of it particularly difficult or easy?
  4. Has the character done anything particularly notable since completing their training?
  5. What contacts, friends, enemies or mentors did the character make while training, or pursuing their career?

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